Advancing Bioelectronic Medicine

The Alliance for Advancing Bioelectronic Medicine
is an independent network of professionals dedicated
to innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology.


Our goal is to raise awareness of bioelectronic medicine
and to build a platform for collaboration among stakeholders,
both within and outside the field.


We welcome others working in this diverse field to join our efforts.


Alliance members include leading experts from organizations creating innovative diagnostics and treatments
across a broad range of disease areas. 

By linking the body’s electrical systems with novel engineering systems, the field of bioelectronic medicine melds advanced engineering with biology to diagnose and treat disease.


Dr. Asirvatham, Vice Chair, Innovation and Medical Director, Electrophysiology Laboratory, Mayo Clinic


Bioelectronic medicine is one of the most innovative and exciting fields in healthcare, with the potential to transform diagnosis and care for millions of people. These treatments can provide important advantages, harnessing the body’s own natural mechanisms to address the core causes of disease and deliver advances in areas of unmet need, including challenging conditions such as Parkinson's disease, major depressive disorder, treatment-resistant epilepsy, heart arrhythmia, and chronic pain.

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By targeting the core causes of disease and continuously optimizing treatment for an individual, bioelectronic medicine represents a new era in healthcare. However, stakeholders in the field – including companies, research institutes, universities, investors, and others – are fragmented, with relatively little collaboration on shared interests. Outside the field, awareness and support among healthcare professionals, patients, policymakers, payers, and others remains limited. As a result, current policy, regulation, and investment do not fully support the field's growth.  





Convene key stakeholders to align on shared goals for a new era in medicine.

Engage patients and physicians to advocate for changes in healthcare policy and practice.

Build awareness among other audiences, including policymakers, investors, media, and general public.

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