Mobilize communities

Build awareness

Bioelectronic medicine is making rapid strides, but this is just the beginning of what's possible.

If supported by robust investment, appropriate health policy, regulation, and reimbursement,

and widespread physician and patient adoption, this field could address some of the greatest challenges in healthcare.

To realize the field's full potential, bioelectronic medicine stakeholders - including companies, research institutes, universities, investors, and forward-thinking medical practitioners - will need to work together to build awareness and support. 


In particular, we must clearly articulate how bioelectronic medicine stands to benefit people, and to use that as a foundation for driving a powerful movement that reaches patients, providers, policymakers and regulators, payers, and others. By taking specific actions to advance the field, as outlined in our white paper, diverse stakeholders can help to build a true bioelectronic medicine movement.


Ultimately, this engagement and support will be just as important

for bioelectronic medicine's future as scientific and technical progress. 

Our Aspirations

Communication is key for the bioelectronic medicine field, even at a pre-clinical level. But we have to find a common language to communicate across disciplines, as well as with clinicians.

Dr. Valentin Pavlov, Professor, Center for Biomedical Science and Bioelectronic Medicine, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

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